Medusa Miniprint | Etsy


This is a 4”6” medusa miniprint


  1. Posted by chasemarypittman, — Reply

    I've never been so gay for a snake lady

  2. Posted by flicker7499, — Reply

    Omg it's looks like the one snake lady from monsters inc.

  3. Posted by WildeCherries, — Reply

    Modern day medusa is what I'm here for

  4. Posted by adaoma96, — Reply


  5. Posted by juliaacadee, — Reply

    medusa do be lookin like a baddie

  6. Posted by ZettaPie, — Reply

    That hair look like it hurt

  7. Posted by humairaalulatt, — Reply

    Looks like priyanka chopra

  8. Posted by trumpsn0odzscarredmeforlifebye, — Reply

    Whoops I'm a rock now

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